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Fernanda approaches her styling advise in a very soft manner and would never push you to try something on yet she will certainly invite you to venture into styling territories you yourself would never consider.

I have worked with Fernanda on a number of occasions t fin the right outfit and her suggestions were generally the winner out of a mix of old and new - as Fernanda believes in recycling your existing wardrobe and upgrading it.


 Fernanda has the rare gift and sensibility to truly see YOU and all your potential. She gently guides you into rediscovering your true image, which goes beyond designing looks and revamping wardrobes.  She offers a transformation.


She guided me gently to rediscover the fun and power of dressing up or down, without having to invest in new items. She is a genius in completely changing an outfit by pairing it with unexpected pieces or accessories. Items that were forgotten in my wardrobe have come to life. Consulting with Fernanda was a milestone in my life; I can say without hesitating that I’m more confident and more playful in the way I dress.


I always loved fashion, but after having 2 kids, my time was limited and my wardrobe became boring. I felt lost. When Fernanda came to my rescue, she helped me regain my confidence and to be more creative with how I use my pieces. She is the first person I call every change of season, every time I have a party or just to have a coffee and see that beautiful smile.


From the moment I met Fernanda, I knew I was in safe hands. I was lacking confidence in the clothes choices I was making. I was buying lots, but nothing seemed to work together…. Fernanda helped me with purging my closet and identifying gaps.  She suggested items that would elevate my looks and we went shopping together. The most fun I have had shopping in a long time! When we were finished I had the most wonderful surprise - a look book of my outfits.  This has become my fashion bible…

Thanks so much Fernanda.


Heart felt thanks for your wonderful work ❤.  The way you have helped me is so appreciated and so unexpected, something that seemed like a pipe dream and now it is reality.   Your vitality, enthusiasm, love of your work, patience, joy, kindness is a rare mix!  I’m  so grateful and what we achieved together was so much more than I could have imagined. You are legend!! A million thanks Vicki XX

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