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Meet Fernanda

Dentist turned Fashion Stylist.... Not something you hear every day and whilst dentistry and fashion (style) might not seem connected; for someone ultimately committed to putting a smile on people's faces, these two worlds merge. Aesthetics is the common ground, aligned with technical and sensory perception to deliver a crafted fashion solution.

Fascinated by fashion magazines and observing self-love rituals from women around her took a little girl to dream. It sounds like a cliché, yet the uncomplicated truth of how a long and old love affair started. For the years to come, her pursuit evolved and changed, but her commitment hasn't: it is and always has been the power of a smile. 


Exchange of a gift

Finding the perfect outfit feels like magic and being able to help a woman in this way brings joy to me.   This exchange is a gift. Fashion connects and speaks for us. Reinventing  and expressing ourselves through our pieces, accessories, mix-matching clothes  and mood is an extraordinary tool to face Monday blues or an exciting Friday  night. 

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